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Meet the Team

Mister C’s Beach Beach Bistro, which recently reopened for its second season in Deal, radiates like a light beam through a glass sculpture. You feel the energy the moment you walk in the room.

The restaurant is a personal space that reflects owner Karen Marzulli’s magnetic personality. A pale neon green colors the bottom half of the stucco walls while the top half is covered with Marzulli’s artwork.

Large, bold digitally mastered images of olives, album covers, doughnuts and dancers bring vibrancy to the otherwise tranquil space.

  • Mister C's Culinary Team

    Our Food is great because our TEAM is great! Veterans of Mister C's Beach Beach Bistro and chic's for more than a combined 30 years, you won't find a more talented, creative & enthusiastic culinary team anywhere on the Jersey Shore or beyond! Ask to say HI!

  • Marcos

    For 18 years, Marcos has been with us, delivering smiles, brilliant drinks & laughs abundant to the tens of thousands of patrons of Mister C's Beach Beach Bistro and now Mister C's Beach Beach Bistro. We wouldn't know where we'd be without him. Swing in and say Hi!