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Drink Your Mood

Welcome to Mister C’s Handy Key to Changing Your Mood With the Right Cocktail, by Color! We hope it goes a long way towards enhancing your cocktail experience! 

  • Orange: Friendly, Energetic, Ambitious, Sense of Welcoming.

  • Pink: Youthful, Feminine, Sensitive & Soft. A Happy Color!

  • Purple: Associated with Royalty. A Contemporary Color. Feelings of Romance, Luxury & Creativity. 

  • Red: Raises Blood Pressure, Stimulates Appetite & Conversation. Associated with Excitement, Passion, Action & Impulse.

  • White: Purity, Cleanliness & Simplicity.

  • Yellow: Highly Emotional Color, Friendly, Positive & Happy.

  • Green: Harmony & Stability.

  • Blue: Relaxing, Lowers Blood Pressure, Calming, a Sense of Security, Suppresses Appetite.

  • Brown: Organic, Earthy, Dependable & Friendly, Makes you Feel Cozy. 

  • Black: Powerful, Mysterious, Elegance & Edginess.

Keep these in mind as you try each Summer ’17 Mister C’s Wet Bar Cocktail!!